St. Patrick's Day GIFs

Leprechaun & pot of gold cartoon

Leprechaun & Pot of Gold
Animated GIF by W. Kirk Kennedy (1953-2010) & Artie Romero Send ecard
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Leprechaun with Green Beer Flash cartoon - 84K
Irish Luck Flash - 68K
St. Patrick's Day, Drink Responsibly! Flash - 158K
Leprechaun Dance Flash - 388K
Leprechaun Dance Flash cartoon, no music - 40K
Dancing Leprechaun GIF - 45K
Dancing Leprechaun smaller - 29K
Irish Ant Smoking a Pipe 184x119 - 15K Send Ecard
Irish Ant E-card Large 315x300 - 26K Send Ecard
Irish ant smoking a pipe 207x165 - 15K Send ecard
Irish bug Large 350x250 - 23K
Irish ant animation small - 13K
Irish ant Still cartoon 207x165 - 30K
Irish ant cartoon Still, 207x165 - 30K
Irish ant small - 14K
Irish Ant close-up - 14K
Irish Ant transparent still - 10K
Irish Ant white background, still - 30K
Dancing "Happy St. Patricks Day" 207x165 - 29K Send ecard
Dancing "Happy St. Patricks Day" wide version - 27K
Dancing "Happy St. Patricks Day" smallest - 29K
Dancing "St. Patty's" on yellow - 44K Send ecard
Dancing "St. Patty's" with shamrocks - 48K Send ecard
Smaller, with yellow background - 34K
"St. Patty's" in green - 34K
"St. Patty's" in sepia - 34K
Dancing "Feeling Lucky?" black background - 45K Send ecard
Dancing "Feeling Lucky?" small, green background - 24K
Dancing "Feeling Lucky?" green background - 35K Send ecard
Dancing "Feeling Lucky?" on yellow - 57K
Dancing "Feeling Lucky?" yellow, wide spacing - 59K
NOTE: 4-Leaf clovers have no significance for Ireland or Saint Patrick's Day
Growing Shamrocks & one 4-Leaf clover - 37K
Shamrocks growing animationGrowing Shamrocks no clover - 23K Send ecard
Growing Shamrocks largest - 36K
Growing Shamrocks medium size - 30K
Growing Shamrocks - 36K
Dancing "Kiss Me" leprechaun face superimposed - 48K Send ecard
Dancing "Kiss Me" leprechaun - 34K
"Kiss Me" leprechaun - 35K
Leprechaun, rainbow, pot of gold - 24K Send e-card
Pot of gold & rainbow large 240x320 - 24K
Pot of gold & rainbow smaller size 144x192 - 12K
Pot of gold and rainbow large - 23K Send e-card
Pot of gold & rainbow medium - 16K
Pot of gold & rainbow horizontal, 207x165 - 11K Send ecard
Pot of gold and rainbowPot of Gold and Rainbow smallest, 135x135 - 9K
Pot of Gold & Rainbow small, 122x147 - 10K
Rainbow & Pot of Gold large, just sparkles - 12K
Pot of Gold & Rainbow still picture - 11K
Pot of Gold, Rainbow smaller picture - 6K
Rainbow & Pot of Gold Large JPEG - 23K
Leprechaun & Pot of Gold green background - 46K
Leprechaun & Pot of Gold orange background - 46K
Irish Luck GIF, full version - 50K Send e-card
Walking Irishman with title - 15K Send e-card
Walking Irishman - 12K Send e-card

"Kiss Me I'm Irish" shamrock rotates, green BG - 11K Send e-card
"Kiss Me I'm Irish" Small shamrock on green - 11K Send e-card
Shamrock spinning black background - 11K Send e-card
Kiss me, I'm Irish still pic, black background - 2K
"Kiss Me" Small still image of shamrock on green - 2K
"Kiss Me" Still image of shamrock on green background - 2K
"Kiss Me" Still pic of shamrock on white - 2K
"Kiss Me" Still shamrock on green - 2K
Leprechaun Walking front view, dark green background - 14K
Leprechaun Walk white background - 14K Send e-card + WebP
NOTE: 4 leaf clovers have no significance for Ireland or Saint Patrick's Day
Spinning 4 Leaf Clover - 7K
Spinning clover medium size - 7K
Spinning clover small - 4K
Clover extra-small - 2K
"4 Leaf Clover Spins Up" St. Patrick's Card - 7K Send Ecard
4 Leaf Clover Spins Up - 5K
4 Leaf Clover Spins Up medium size - 4K
Four Leaf Clover Spins Up small - 3K
4 leaf clover spins up black background - 5K
4 leaf clover spins medium size, black background - 4K
Clover spins small, black background - 3K
Shamrocks spinning Across - 10K
Shamrock spins across large, on green - 21K
Shamrocks spin across small - 5K
Shamrock spins white background - 6K Send ecard
"Kiss Me I'm Irish" Flashing text, shamrock on black - 2K Send ecard
"Kiss Me I'm Irish" Words drop down, shamrock on black - 7K
"Kiss Me I'm Irish" Drops down, shamrock on white - 7K
"Kiss Me I'm Irish" Drops down, shamrock on yellow - 7K
"Kiss Me I'm Irish" Words slide up, shamrock on green - 6K
"Kiss Me I'm Irish" Small shamrock rotating on green, red border - 11K


Leprechaun winking transparent background - 16K Send ecard
Leprechaun winkingBlack background - 12K
Small leprechaun winking white background - 7K
Small - black background - 7K
Small - transparent background - 9K
Tiny - black background - 4K
Tiny - transparent background - 6K


Dancing Éireann "Ireland" in Gaelic - 34K
Dancing Éireann black background - 29K
Eireann white BG - 30K
Éireann small, black BG - 29K
Dancing Éireann Go Bràch "Ireland forever" in Gaelic - 49K
Éireann Go Bràch white background - 50K
Eireann Go Brach white BG, 207x165 - 48K
Wearing o' the Green white background - 44K Wearing o the Green
Wearing of the Green
small, white BG - 53K
The Wearing o' the Green large, white BG - 65K
The Wearing o' the Green small, white BG - 41K
The Wearing of the Green large, black BG - 54K
Happy St. Patrick's Day - 52K Send ecard
Happy St. Patrick's Day full screen, click anywhere to return
Happy St. Patty's - 56K Send ecard
Happy St. Patty's small - 25K Send ecard
Dancing words: "Kiss Me I'm Irish" - Red on white - 61K
Dancing "Kiss Me I'm Irish" - Red on black - 54K
"Kiss Me I'm Irish" - Green on white - 61K
"Kiss Me I'm Irish" - Green on white, 8 frames - 35K
"Kiss Me I'm Irish" - Green on white, 207x165 - 39K
"Kiss Me I'm Irish" - Green on black - 54K
"Kiss Me I'm Irish" - Green on black, 207x165 - 53K
"Kiss Me I'm Irish" - Green on black, flat letters, 207x165 - 23K Send ecard + WebP
Dancing word "Irish" - Green on black - 22K
Dancing words "St. Patty's" - Full screen green on yellow, click anywhere to go back
"Irish" - Green on white - 26K


(Web page backgrounds)

Shamrock spinning tilted - 4K
Shamrock spinning large - 6K
Irish Ant - 3K
Shamrocks spin across down & left - 5K
Shamrocks falling small - 3K
Shamrocks spin across medium size - 6K
Shamrocks flying large - 5K

4 leaf clover spin up animated, spread out - 3K
4 leaf clovers spin up tight spacing - 3K
Animated 4 leaf clovers spread thinly - 2K
Spinning 4 leaf clovers animated, medium - 2K
4 leaf clovers spin tight spacing - 3K
4 leaf clover wallpaper - 1K
Walking Irishman wallpaper - 1K

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