Easter cartoons & animation

Easter Bunny in her Eggmobile

Easter Bunny in Eggmobile

Animation by Rebekah Failla & Artie Romero - 34K
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Dead bunny
Easter lamb, basket of eggs
Easter egg gets colored

Funny Easter ecards
Easter basket & bunny - 10K
Easter basket & bunny small - 7K
Easter basket eats bunny - 9K
Easter basket eats a bunny small - 8K
Nice Easter basket & bunny still pic - 7K
Nice Easter basket still cartoon - 4K
Peter Rotten Tail bad bunny, Flash
Peter Rotten Tail GIF - 109K
Peter Rottentail small GIF - 58K
Easter egg grunt, Flash cartoon - 72K
Easter Bunny grunts GIF - 23K
Easter Bunny grunting very big - 104K
Easter egg grunt, tiny - 23K
new! Happy Birthday with Easter bunny - 40K
Biker chick cartoon - 9K
Biker chick small - 9K
Click for larger GIFBunny & carrot "Happy Easter" - 7K
Bunny & Carrot "Happy Easter" small - 7K
Easter Bunny sniffing - 1K
Easter Bunny sniffs with shading - 1K
Bunny sniff green background - 1K
Bunny sniffing in grass - 1K
Gray Bunny sniffing - 1K
Gray bunny sniffs with shading - 1K
Bunny sniff green background - 1K
new! "Happy Easter" - Easter Bunny's eggmobile - 37K
Easter Bunny in egg car - 15K
Easter Bunny driving egg car + background - 34K
Sepia bunny's eggmobile - 14K
new! Eggmobile race (still cartoon PNG)
new! Eggmobile race GIF, white background
Egg gets colored - 4K
Goofy Easter Bunny - 10K
Goofy Easter Bunny smaller version - 8K
Goofy Easter bunny pink - 10K
Hip chick - 8K
Hip Chick small version - 7K
Lamb's Easter egg hunt - 4K
Lamb's Easter basket - 7K
Lamb's Easter basket small version - 6K
Peep, the Easter chick - 2K
Peep, the Easter chick flipped - 2K
Peep the chick with egg - 7K
Peep the chick with butterfly - 10K
Peep the chick small with butterfly - 10K
Peep the chick in a tulip - 9K
Peep in a tulip small - 9K
3 Easter bunnies Happy Easter - 51K Send Ecard
Easter Bunny materializes
Small, orange - 12K
Easter bunny appearsEaster Bunny appears
Pink - 12K Send Ecard
Easter Bunny hop r to l, small - 17K
Easter Bunny hopping brown - 18K
Easter Bunny appears
Happy Easter Send Ecard
Bunny lays Easter eggs
Small, no hop - 34K Send ecard
Easter Bunny lays eggs large - 54K Send ecard
Easter Bunny lays eggs "Happy Easter" - 34K Send ecard
Flower & lawnmower A rite of spring - 22K Send Ecard
Dancing "Happy Easter" lavender - 53K
"Happy Easter" small, beige - 53K
Dancing "Happy Easter" cartoon large blue - 53K Send Ecard
Dancing "Happy Easter" large gold - 53K
Dancing "Happy Easter" large lilac - 53K
Dancing "Happy Easter" small - 47K
Dancing "Happy Easter" sepia - 47K

Magic Easter egg animationMagic Easter egg - 11K
Magic Easter egg small - 10K
Magic Easter egg 207 x 165 pixels - 12K
Magic Easter egg yellow - 11K
Happy Easter greeting pink - 9K
Happy Easter small, white bg - 4K
Happy Easter blue - 9K
Happy Easter small pink - 5K
Extreme easter bunnies snowboarding - 18K
Extreme bunnies on snowboards - 16K
Extreme bunnies small - 13K
Marching pink Easter eggs - 10K
Same as above but purple - 10K
Purple eggs flipped - 10K
Marching Easter eggs "Happy Easter!" - 16K Send ecard
Eggs & "Happy Easter," pink - 16K
Eggs with "Happy Easter," sepia - 16K
Walking Easter egg - 7K
Walking Easter egg flipped - 5K
Walking egg - 5K
Marching hatchlings - 4K
2 marching eggs - 7K
3 walking eggs - 10K
Dead bunny with bugs - 8K Send ecard
Dead bunny card "Happy Easter" - 13K Send ecard
Rabbit sniffing - 13K
Rabbit sniffs big carrot - 13K
Bunny sniffs carrot black background - 12K
Bunny sniffs giant carrot - 12K
Smelly carrot with flies no bunny - 6K
Smelly carrot - 6K
Stinky carrot on black - 6K

Easter Wallpaper

Nice Easter Bunny wallpaper - 2K                      
Easter Bunny variation - 2K
Dead bunny wallpaper - 3K
Magic Easter eggs - 11K
Magic Easter eggs spread out - 9K
Magic Easter eggs tight - 8K


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