ARG! Christmas Cartoons

Animation of Santa Claus, pants on fire, jumping out of a smoking chimney

Santa's Down the Chimney
Animated GIF cartoon by William Kirk Kennedy (1953-2010) and Artie Romero - 35K Send Ecard

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Animated holly GIF

Funny Christmas Cards, FREE ecards by ARG! Cartoon Animation Studio
Santa Stuck in a Chimney - 24K  Send eCard
Santa Stuck in Chimney tiny - 4K
Santa Stuck small - 8K
Santa Stuck medium - 13K  Send eCard
Santa Stuck large - 14K  Send eCard
Santa Stuck in Chimney NEW Flash cartoon by Don Mangan
Help Santa Get Dressed Flash cartoon
Sirloin for Santa Flash cartoon
Santa in a Ho-Ho-Hot Tub! Flash cartoon
Weirdo Santa Flash cartoon
Texas Chainsaw Santa, outrageous Flash cartoon Santa Claus caught
Santa Claus: America's Most Wanted
- 69K  Send eCard
Santa Claus: Most Wanted no spotlight - 52K
Santa Claus: Most Wanted cropped - 48K
Santa Claus: Most Wanted small, no spotlight - 31K
Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year Banner - 6K
Animated Baby Jesus, painted background - 26K
Animated Baby Jesus and Lamb small, painted background - 17K
Animated Baby Jesus and Lamb on white - 6K
Baby Jesus Nativity Animation small, plain background - 6K
Baby Jesus in Manger small JPEG - 20K
Baby Jesus in Manger still GIF - 19K
"Wishing you a Joyous Christmas" Baby Jesus - 38K  Send eCard
"Christmas Blessings!" Jesus in manger, animated card - 30K  Send eCard
"Joy to the World!" Jesus in manger, sleeping lamb - 33K  Send eCard
Snowman, Snowball Knocks Head Off - 17K  Send eCard
Snowman Razz, Gets Hit by a Snowball white background, small - 4K  Send eCard
Snowman, Head Knocked Off large version on white - 5K  Send eCard
Snowman Cartoon still with snowy background - 9K
"Hope you have a fun Chanukah!" card - 27K  Send eCard
"Hope you have fun this Christmas!" - 27K  Send eCard
"Hope you enjoy the Holidays!" - 33K  Send eCard
Still Snowman Cartoon - 12K
Snowman, "Hope you have a fun Chanukah!" Still card - 21K
Snowman, "Hope you have fun this Christmas!" Still card - 21K
Snowman, "Hope you enjoy the Holidays!" Still cartoon card - 25K
Still Snowman Cartoon large JPEG - 28K
I Caught Santa Claus - 44K
I Caught Santa medium size - 40K
Caught Santa small - 21K
Santa's Down the Chimney - 35K  Send eCard
Santa's Down the Chimney less smoke - 34K
Chimney and Footprints in Snow - 17K
Snowy Rooftop Scene no footprints - 17K
Snowy Hills with Footprints still cartoon - 8K
Santa's Smiling Face - 20K Send eCard
Santa's Smiling Face small - 10K Christmas wreath cathes fire
Christmas Wreath Catches Fire
- 25K Send eCard
Christmas Wreath Catches Fire tan background - 25K
Christmas Wreath Catches Fire with black - 25K
Christmas Wreath Fire says "Merry Christmas" - 26K
Christmas Wreath Fire Merry Christmas, long version - 27K
Nice Christmas Wreath with border - 6K
Nice Christmas Wreath brown background - 6K
Nice Christmas Wreath no border - 6K
Pretty Christmas Wreath black background - 6K  Send eCard
Nice Christmas Wreath tiny - 4K
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  "Santamon" Santa Claus & Grinch anime cartoon
            - 928 K (almost 1 MB)

Santa's Elf, "Bah Humbug!" - 8K Send eCard
Rosco "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" - 22K
Rosco "Night Before Christmas" small - 23K
Rosco "Night Before Christmas" horizontal format - 11K
Rosco in his Nightshirt - 21K
Rosco in Nightshirt small - 23K
Rosco Sees Santa - 5K
Rosco Sees Santa small - 5K Sparkling Christmas tree
Pretty Christmas Tree
white background - 8K
Christmas Tree medium size on white bg - 8K
Christmas Tree small on white - 4K
Christmas Tree Animation black background - 8K
Christmas Tree medium size on black bg - 8K
Christmas Tree small on black - 4K
Animated Christmas Tree big on neutral background - 8K
Christmas Tree small on neutral bg - 8K
Christmas Tree short and wide - 6K
Christmas Tree transparent - 22K
Animated Christmas Tree small, transparent - 21K
Christmas Carolers, "Happy Holidays" - 12K
Christmas Carolers large - 22K
Carolers small - 9K
"Happy Holidays" - 3K
Season's Greetings Dove - 5K
Season's Greetings Dove small - 6K
Season's Greetings Dove blue sky - 5K
Season's Greetings Dove bright - 5K
Dove clearer text - 5K Send eCard
Christmas "Walking Signs" blue/yellow - 3K each
"Happy Holidays" Blue suit, yellow sign - 11K
"Merry Christmas" Blue suit, yellow sign - 11K
"Happy Holidays" African-American, magenta suit - 11K
"Merry Christmas" African-American, magenta suit - 11K
"Happy Holidays" Black background - 11K
"Merry Christmas" Black background - 11K
Christmas Wallpaper - Web page backgrounds
Merry Christmas Banner - 10K
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Banner - 20K
Happy New Year Banner green - 10K
Happy New Year Banner red - 11K
Happy New Year Banner black - 11K
Happy New Year Banner blue - 11K
Snow Gently Falling - 43K
Santa Claus Winks - 3K
Santa Claus Winking small - 4K
Santa Claus Winking black background - 3K
Santa Claus with Suspicious Frown - 3K
Santa Claus Frowns small version - 4K
Santa Claus Frowning black background - 3K
Santa Claus Frowning small, black bg - 4K
Rotating Holly - 8K
Rotating Holly clockwise - 8K
Animated Holly 91x86 pixels - 7K
Holly Animation small, 61x58 pixels - 5K Holly
still image, 69x71 - 2K
Holly still, flipped, 69x71 - 1K

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